Chief Business Officer

Kelvin is a highly accomplished aviation professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He specializes in airport ground and cargo operations, airline hub management, technology, and business transformation. With an impressive track record in renowned organizations such as SATS Singapore, Qatar Airways Group, Air India SATS, Amadeus Taiwan, KPMG India, and Mumbai Cargo Service Centre, Kelvin brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Chief Business Officer at Air India SATS. Throughout his career, Kelvin has held multiple senior management roles, showcasing his ability to deliver outstanding results. He has successfully managed business units with multi-million-dollar annual turnovers, demonstrating his strong accountability for financial performance. Kelvin's success is attributed to his adeptness at combining local situation awareness with effective business transformation methodologies, driving organizational success. Kelvin is skilled in managing diverse workforces, having worked in Singapore, Qatar, India, and Taiwan. He values the power of cohesive teams and consistently fosters environments where team members unite and perform at their best. Kelvin has also established strong collaborations with aviation regulators, airport authorities, and agencies, advocating for the objectives of airports and airlines. Kelvin holds an MBA in International Aviation from Concordia University in Canada and a Bachelor of Business degree in Finance and IT from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His educational background complements his extensive industry experience, providing a solid foundation for his leadership role. As Chief Business Officer at Air India SATS, Kelvin is dedicated to driving strategic growth and operational excellence. With his deep understanding of the aviation industry and his ability to navigate complex challenges, he is committed to delivering exceptional results and contributing to the success of the organization.