Flight Operations

Our 24x7 Operational Operations Control Centre (OOCC), is the nerve centre of operations. The OOCC is a truly participative and collaborative centre that co-ordinates all functions of passenger services, apron, load control and cargo. More importantly it enables our people to function effectively as part of a very dynamic and highly responsive team. This centralised control hub ensures better control over simultaneous activities that occur during aircraft turnaround.

Baggage Handling

We value our customers assets and go the extra mile to ensure it is handled with care. At the heart of our baggage operations is an experienced team that works relentlessly to deliver on our brand promise. They assure prompt and precise baggage handling services that include baggage sorting, loading, dispatching services for arrival and departure baggage according to airline requirements and precision timings. Our baggage team also facilitates transfer of connecting baggage between terminals and aircrafts.

Cabin Dressing/ Aircraft Interior Cleaning

We take pride in our people and their passion to place customer comfort at the centre of our aircraft dressing service. Their eye for detail helps in preparing the aircraft to welcome its incoming passengers to a fresh experience. Our range of interior services include cleaning of the aircraft cabin, galleys, flight deck and toilets, dressing of seats and seat pockets, crew bunks, changing & replenishment of blankets and in-flight magazines, carpet and leather cleaning solutions.

Ramp Operations

Our reputation as a leading ground handling agency is a legacy that was built over years of trust and credibility. Getting a flight ready for departure requires seamless co-ordination, accurate weight balance, perfect load distribution and quick turnarounds. Our efficient ground experience team are trained in all aspects of ramp handling and operations of the airlines they serve. This ensures the demand of the airline are always met with the highest level of service, even during irregular operations. Our ramp services are ISAGO compliant, which simply means that it is a safe and secure working environment for aircrafts, customers and passengers while also eliminating any potential risk of operating delays.

General Cargo Handling

The facility is equipped to handle all types of cargo, has a capacity of 210,000 tones per year and was the first in India to be equipped with Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), Elevated Transfer Vehicle (ETV), Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment and carton clamps for its forklifts.

Perishable Cargo Handling

This facility has dedicated cold rooms and is capable of handling a wide range of perishable commodities including flowers, pharmaceutical products, frozen food products, seafood, poultry, meat and fresh produce such as vegetables & fruits. It will ensure end-to-end cold chain solution in India.

Pharma Cargo Handling

A one stop shop for all cargo needs, the AISATS COOLPORT is India’s 1st integrated on-airport perishable cargo handling centre at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. The state-of-the-art, 11,000 sqm. facility has a handling capacity of 40,000 tonnes per annum.

Cabin Baggage Checker

AISATS offers Cabin Baggage Checking services using smart solutions developed by iboarding. Cabin Baggage Checker is an electronic gauge that employs artificial intelligence to analyze weight and size in relation to the airline's cabin baggage policies.

Automated Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

AISATS utilizes self-contained, fully automated, and highly advanced Nordic Dino robotic equipment for aircraft exterior cleaning. These purpose-built robots improve the cleaning quality and allow on-time operations of aircraft.

UV Disinfection

We offer disinfection of the aircraft cabin using a UV-C (Ultra Violet C Band) Technology-based Robotic Device. The usage of this UV-C device disinfects surfaces from germs, bacteria and viruses. It takes only 10 minutes to disinfect the surfaces thoroughly.

Centralized Load Control

We have a fully functional CLC infrastructure to deliver load plans and load sheets to the airlines. The CLC function helps airlines bring down their overall costs, increases efficiency and safer operations.